Friday, January 11, 2013

Aprons and a Homemade Cookbook

Aprons I made for Christmas gifts 

John Deere Apron for Cheyenne
John Deere Cookbook I made for Cheyenne
She had asked me at Thanksgiving time if I could make her one like i made for her Mom and Aunt's Tammy & Samantha. I Told her I would.
 Back in 2004 my sister and I made 5 or 6 and we put inside our favorite family recipes. Then I made stamps to stamp what it was, like fish for Salmon patties or tuna Casserole, cookies , cakes, Brocolli and etc. We had fun making them .

 We tried to burn the edges but it was so time consuming and not a great idea, so we just ended up tearing the edges of the brown paper bags we used , We added extra paper for them to add new recipes when needed .
 Cheyenne was thrilled about the apron and the cookbook.
I need to make one for myself as I have a ton of new ones and need a book to put them in!


  1. How great these aprons are.....out of blue jeans??? Please share how you put them together....they are really cute. Love the recipe book idea too. There is nothing like the taste of home and a family memory.

  2. ohhhh how clever are you!! Very cool!! I would like to invite you to link up with us on Off the Wall Fridays on my blog - where art quilters link up on Fri to encourage, motivate and educate each other! The weekly link party has really helped us all keep going !


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