Monday, January 7, 2013

Anonymous ON Comments

  IF You are sending me Anonymous 
E-mails,you Can stop now ! Please remove your messages and links to the spam and Ad ware, I do not want them on my Blog !!
Thank you Kindly !


  1. That was happening to me a lot recently Cheryl. I had to disallow anonymous comments, even though a couple of them were genuine. A shame but it was getting too much.

    1. I was wondering if anyone else was heaving this problem.I do not know how to dis allow them or get rid of the spy wear. It is a pain and seems to be in my mailbox too,probably because i opened the anonymous mail.
      Thank you for your comment.

  2. I was getting 15 or so a day...this is what I did. Go to your dash board. Click on settings. Then click on comments. Mark the circle that says "users with google accounts". That will stop anonymous comments usually. I made a statement that I could no longer accept anonymous comments, and if you did not have a google account to send an email instead. It has worked so far, no more of the junk. I do not open any spam in my email...or any that get into the spam account. Occasionally there is a legitimate one in spam and I move it to the in box. I even was able to take off word verification with no problem. I run my virus scan daily---every night at 1 am. I use McAfee and so far it is worth it.


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