Friday, September 28, 2012

Afagan for Jeanie

                 I have a friend at church that had asked me if I crochet , I told her that Mom and I both did .
She said she had 74 Granny Squares that her mother had crocheted many years ago,she had them in her closet since her Mom passed on and was wanting the granny squares put together I told her that Mom was better at that, so I took all 74 squares to her and we decided that they needed to have them outlined in black to make it look better and to make it bigger . However there were 15 squares that she could not use because of the yarn being a more light weight yarn, so Mom made an extra 26 squares to make it 90 squares all together.
                   Mom got the black and finished it ,had it almost done in July when I was there but not quite , so she added a scalloped edge to it and made it look so much better.
                   I brought it home with me this time and Jeanie was very happy with the results .So excited that it was done!!
                   Mom has made lots of them just like this one.I have one too.
                   Maybe some day I will make one like it .

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