Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pictures at My sister's in Live Oak

 My sister Tina and Mom both had wind mills in their yards, but due to the hard winds over the years the fan part wore out and broke . They kept the frame, this one Gary used an old Bus Fan to put on the wind mill ,These work so much better than the old ones. We are waiting for another good fan for Mom's .
 There were lots of Butterflies at Tina's that day . every time we tried to take a picture of them Issac was trying to catch them ! We did get a few pictures !

 Colin, Gracie ,Sarah and Emmy at the tope of the fort with a slide.
 Gracie,Issac,Sarah and Colin on the sand pile ,Emmy in the car..
 This was another day with just Sarah and Gracie , they had a great time on the swings .

 Cooling down with Kool pops
 Girls swinging on Tina's Hammock/

All in all they children had a great time visiting with cousins at my sisters, I will show more photo's from Mom's another day .

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