Monday, July 23, 2012

Our Princesses For The Day at Mom's

                Sarah~ My grand daughter
                  Sarah and Gracie
                      Gracie ~ Tina's grand daughter
                  They changed dresses often ,Gracie had 4 or 5 dress ~ they had a ball
Sarah wore this one the most it is the one Mom made for Gracie's last Halloween day.

                    Both girls helping Great Garndma watering flowers
 I called Gracie to look back ,she turned complettly around and kept on watering the flowers !
Mom telling girls about the flowers and how to properly water them.
Before we went outside Gracie wanted me to draw her a mermaid , I drew it from memory ,and it did not turn out like I wanted it but she loved it and held on to it most of the day by rolling it up.

"Rain Lilly" Sarah gave me.Looks good with the water drops .
                  Mom had lots of these on her bush ~" Rose Of Sharon"

Both girls played together all day for 3 solid days , they even had sleep overs 3 nights in a roll, later on Abby and Emmy came  and they all 4 played together too. It was a long fun weekend for them and Sarah's first time away from Mom and Dad.

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