Saturday, July 28, 2012

15 Crazy Quilt Blocks

 Remembering Dad~ with the American Legion pin and train ,along with red,white and blue ,he was in WWII.
                                    For Mom

Grandma Schoonover

All of these blocks are on the crazy Quilt Mom and I made , I had been wanting to show each block separately ,there is suppose to be 16 but I failed to post the best one of all , so I will post it as soon as I find a picture or take a new one , This Crazy Quilt  is the Schoonover Heirloom Quilt. I found more embellishments to add to it and plan to do that next time I go to Mom's, as I did make it so we can keep adding to it if we wanted to.
I am suppose to have one for Grandpa Goodwin too with a tractor ,cows .pig, chickens &etc. Another one to look for.

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