Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Painted Denim Beads

                                           Chloe painting strips that are 1 x 8
                                        We painted lots of these !
Sarah ~ she loves to paint and mix colors

 Have to let dry, I left them outside for about 4 hours just to be sure they were good and dry
These were cut 3 times so they ended up being just over 1/4 inch

Sarah and I started rolling them late afternoon, we used a toothpick to start it with so there was an opening, then dots of tacky glue. Sometimes you have to keep pushing the end down.. Normally  I would use hot melt glue, but not with children .
This is everything we used to make the beads, can you see the toothpicks? 

I used 24 beads to make this one, the large heart charm I brought from the flea market, need to go get some more. I then tied some knots to make it look better. I have an idea for another one, we have to roll some more for the girls to make one. Anyone can do this and we can used however many you want in fact you can make the whole necklace just these beads or add some other type of bead to it.
 Hobby Lobby or Michels Crafts have some charms too, but they cost more than the flea market.


  1. Those are awesome! I can remember making beads similar to these with paper when I was a kid. We cut them in long triangle shapes and rolled them from the big end to the point which made a tapered bead. I bet that it would work with fabric too!

  2. Lovely!!

    What a great, colorful, and fun way to recycle old jeans : )

    Pink and Green Mama

    1. Thank you it was fun , we still have more to finish , it does take time though,but we enjoyed.


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