Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dyeing Cloth and Lace

This and the next 4 pictures show an old crochet table cloth I had gotten at a yard sale a few years ago , it was coming apart , I could not make myself throw it away so this is what Sarah (my youngest grand-daughter) and I did one day last week, was we spent an hour or so dyeing this and some flowers I have had stored forever !
       Sarah could not resist and kept adding more and changing the colors

I love how the yellows and greens blend in together, there will be more like this next time with other colors!
This is small pieces of leftover cotton from quilts I used the green blue and yellow 
Purple and white

This last one was cloth used for cleaning up leftover paint I water on the tray , this is what it looks like after it was dried and turned over , the imprint was from the picnic table .I like it so next time I will do more of this with other colors.

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  1. What a great use for a tattered tablecloth! What kind of dyes did you use? The colors are fabulous!


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