Thursday, July 27, 2017

Sharpie Art

 Trying something New , Someone had told me about doing some art work with Sharpie markers and alcohol and couple years ago , so I remembered this and decided to give it a try .The one on top was the very first one and I just loved how it turned out , so I made more and now I cannot stop!
 This one was another just experiment , it is amazing how the ink wants to go its on way with the alcohol, first I was hesitent about using a lot of it but the wetter it got the better it turned out , but too wet will take away the I did it  a little at a time.
 I had joined the Vida art collection program for artist to show their work on  clothing , handbags or pillows , and get a small percentage plus discounts . I have this one as a scarf.The top one as a clutch, the stars and  bright color carpis.
This with the blue flowers here did not turn out too good as the markers I used did not do the same as the Sharpies , so Sharpies it is!!  I have more but have not uploaded them yet, I will post those another day.


  1. I love these and liking it as a scarf would that mean it is fully washable after being heat set? The alcohol you used, was this ordinary rubbing alcohol from a chemist?

  2. Yes, Vida uses the real fabric dyes for a scarf, my fabric is just a cotton piece paper size and I use regular Alcohol that you buy at the drug store

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