Saturday, July 1, 2017

Queen Size Memory Quilt -Jordon

 I was asked by my oldest daughter if I could make a Memory quilt for her ex sister-in-law who's son had passed away last fall, they sent me a huge box of his blue jeans ,T-shirts, jogging shorts, button up shirts ,one of his Grandpa's favorite orange overalls (he was a machainc) and etc. Plus backing of Detroit Lions fabric.
 She did not have enough to make it a queen size , she said what ever size I could make it  was fine . Later on after talking to my daughter she said she was really wanting it to be queen size, I told her I could add another color to the backing to make it bigger ,so I matched the grey in the football backing.
I spent hours and days just getting the blocks ready before sewing them all together ,each one has something off a shirt jeans or what ever I could use to make the blocks , I felt like each one was speaking to me like he was right there .

 There was 3 t-shirts and a drawstring bag that I did not cut smaller, I used those to help fill in for the size, The drawstring bag has a zippered pocket that I kept on it for her to put something in it if she wants . the drawstring it self was very thick , had about 6 different color braided ropes inside it so I took those out and used them in different places.

 Here shows one of the bigger t-shirt blocks, I forgot to move camera when I used my phone for pictures , note that there is a frayed jean with red patched fabric from a pair of shorts .
 I had appicaded his name on 4 blocks that is on the second row from the top
 You can see a few of the pictures I printed on here .
Below is two colors of the rope from the drawstring to make it look like Morel mushrooms that he liked to pick for meals .

When I got ready to lay them out to see where to put them I had to use 3 tables outside because it was so big and I could tell better where to put them.

 Below this is close up f the ties, I used scraps of anything that was left to sew them on each corner block, that took time and was kind of difficult to do ,but I manage just a little at a time . I cut small strips of different colors for the ties.

 Below is Her when she saw the quilt , she was so Happy , surprised and overwhelmed . She had no idea that it would be this big or that I printed pictures on some of them with out her knowing it ,With Tammy's help I made that happen too .However I will never iron them onto the fabric again just print and sew.
I had gotten really attached to this quilt it felt special to me in making something like this for a parent was hard , I made 2 smaller ones a couple years ago with my Mom's help ,This one I did myself but my Daughter-in -Law helped whenever it had to be moved ,folded and etc. I would ask her opinion and she helped a lot with that too.I could not have done it without her helping folding it and etc as it was big and heavy. I really enjoy making Memory quilts ,I did have another woman ask about one a few months ago.


  1. It is such a kind and wonderful thing to make a
    Memory Quilt- they are always so appreciated by the ones left behind.

    1. Thank you ! This is my 4th one and the biggest one yet.
      I enjoy making them .


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