Monday, August 31, 2015

Quilts and Pencil Bags

We are making a bunch of small quilts for little boys and girls I have 5 done 3 more little girls ,and 2 more UFO's,and a baby quilt to finish.
A friend of mine asked me what did UFO's stand for where quilts are concerned ,I told her they wer unfinished quilts......she said and I thought about it before, why don't we say UFQ's
I think that's how I will name them from now on ,makes sense too.

Here in our section of Florida the kids started school the 24th of August, I was wanting the children at church class to make pencil bags out of paper towel tubes and printed duck tape with zippers , we made a sample and said it was just too hard for the kids to make in 45 min's, so we made the bracelets that I posted before this one and then I found all of the Carpi Sun and Koolaide juice bags and made pencils bags from those ,it took 4 bags and a zipper , I made them in no time ,I had 20 made for the church group plus my grandchildren and friends. 

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