Thursday, August 6, 2015

For Boarders, Sashing ,Strips, Blocks ?

 A friend of mine from church gave me thees 2 rolls of fabric, the plaid is 5" wide , the flowers 4" wide , they are perfect for boarder's , but what I am wondering is why there is so much of it in one roll and it's purpose, I am cutting them for a quilt top however the checked is bigger, so I have to waste 1 inch ,I could save it for rugs that Mom crochets ,I am just wondering if anyone has any other ideas , there is a lot!
Thank you for any hints ,suggestions and etc.


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    1. Thank you , yes I thought about that too and will be using it for that also, there is so much of it I can probably make 5 full size quilts out of both using it several ways, of course I will add other colors to them too.


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