Saturday, August 25, 2012

More Flowers That Have Bloomed This Year

               Confederate Rose ~ It will turn pink and then white
Rose of Sharon~My sister Tina rooted for me
Don't know the name but when we moved in this house, I dug up a whole bush ,or I thought I did and this came back this year,I guess I will keep it now.

                                My Large Begonia      
A Deep Purple Morning Glory , I did not think it would come back but it did
This is an old old door handle off a shed that was tore down.from 20 years ago .I kept it this long ,I am not sure what to do with it but I love the design on it , maybe a good quilt design ?
I guess I got too close ,picture is some fuzzy.
By the way I have been making wall hangings and hope to have new pictures up soon.
We are also prepared for a Hurricane , hope it is not a big bad one !!!

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