Saturday, August 18, 2012

Flowers That have Bloomed So Far

Yellow 4 O'clock
 Pink 4 O'Clock

                      Love these blue flowers ,can't remember name of it
                    Not sure of the name ~ Mom gave to me last year.
Crepe Murtle
Milk Flower
Bleeding Heart
Pink and Yellow 4 O'Clock on same bush
Peach Rose
Suppose to be a very dark red almost black ~Not
Peach Canna Lilly
Wild purples 

Crown of Thorns

                                             Yellow Rose            
                                              A Begonia w/ pink flowers
                                             2 Tone Pink Hibiscuit

All these are some of the flowers in my yard that have bloomed this year ,I am really surprised they are still alive with this heat , I water them when it doesn't rain , if I can stand the heat to do so.
 I know I took more photo's guess I still need to up-load them.

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