Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wind Chimes

 These are some new wind Chimes I made for the Craft sale ,unfortunately none of them sold this time .
However I enjoyed making them even though it was time consuming !
My favorite is the first one I brought a whole bag of just these shells 2 years ago , so I had to carefully drill tiny holes in them with a dremel tool and I used heavy fishing line  for the shells ,I used a ham pattie tin can for the top,and covered it with the fan shells and sea shell sand.

 The silverware and platter was fun to make I wrapped each spoon and fork with jewelry wire because we did not have a proper drill bit for stainless steel ,then I used fishing line for the beads .I was able to pound the holes in the platter as it is a cheap platter from Dollar store.

                                                                                                                                                                   The last one was mussel shells , I did not like the ugly black so I use lots of glue and the sea shell sand, then inside each one I put another smaller shell,. I did the same to the top on this one too.

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