Monday, May 21, 2012

Kool-aid and Carpi Sun Juice Handbags

My grandchildren have been drinking these, so I told them to start saving them for me to make handbags, they did for awhile and then quit.
 I had forgotten about them myself until I came across a grocery bag full of the Carpi Sun bags, so I decide to give it a try .
I have to admit they at kind of rough on the machine, so I make sure I use a heavy duty needle and a zig-zag stitch and my old machine I keep just for blue jean work, they turned out pretty good.
 I made 6 for the Art, Craft and Yard Sale, I sold all but one. I am making more for our next sale we will be having in Nov.
I also need to make my grand daughters all one as they keep after me for the last one.

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  1. Too cute! A friend of mine made a big tote from a dog food really turned out cute!


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