Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hot Casserole Carrier

Whenever we go to my sisters from Mom's to eat we always use her Casserole Carrier to carry the hot or cold bowl of food , I told Mom I wanted to make one for myself .

When we got back to her house one day I laid it out on this fabric to make a pattern, it is 33" long x12" wide ,the middle pieces to go over the dish is 12 1/2 " x 6" with velcro 6" long, one on each side. I cut a strip 4" x 8" for the straps folded over and top stitched .

                        I then machine quilted the flowers

            This shows it wrapped with a casserole dish, so much easier to handle a hot or cold dish with food .

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  1. VERY nice casserole cover! Good pattern. I'm just a bit unclear on the basic measurements. Could you please clarify? Thank you!!


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