Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blue Bottles For Bottle Tree

I have been waiting to get  these for a long time , finally got some from my Daughter-In-Law a few days ago .She said that my son had some Bud Light Beer and so she is saving them for me if  he gets any more. Right now I have 5 and a few more would be good , however that does not mean I want him drinking just so I can get them .
I will find more somehow and I hope to get the tree stand made soon. Rebar would be the best if I can get my Brother-in Law to make them, other wise I will use wood.
I just love the color of this Blue ! It is so strikingly pretty !


  1. Cobalt blue is my absolute favorite! I have three blue bottle trees in front of my house, and more in my front window. No one in our family drinks, though, so it's a challenge to get them. For a while Trader Joes had one brand of water that came in blue glass bottles, but no longer :(

  2. go to the recycling center.

  3. Cobalt blue is so striking and I love it in the garden. Just beautiful.


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