Wednesday, June 1, 2016

New Yard Bling

 When my sister and I went to visit with Mom for Mothers day we brought lots of flowers, plants and etc. I brought this red plate at Big Lots and glued it onto Mom's old bird bath stand that the dogs broke . I love how it turned out.
 I saw one of these on Pinterest so when I saw the watering can I wanted to make one for Mom like it so I brought the can and the crystal beads and tear drops ,strung the beads on some fishing line  to make it look like water pouring out ,I thought it looked too plain so I added some fake flowers to it.
I had been wanting to make one of these forever ! So I went to Lowes ,brought the sand and cement, I had plenty of Elephant ears in my back yard, so I made one for myself ,now Mom and both of my sisters want one too.
This is my bottle tree, I had saved the bottles for a couple of years , then when my step son came to stay with us he buit the tree out of steel rods . I love how the sun shines through them.


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  3. Thank you everyone , I really enjoyed making these. Hoping to make another leaf bird bath and paint it too

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