Wednesday, February 4, 2015

New Quilts I made for Christmas Gifts

I had these 4 quilts all started before Christmas but was running out of time, so I had to wrap them and give to them like they are and will finish them soon. I have been so busy last year that I was exhausted after the Holidays so I took it easy for a couple weeks ,Then started getting busy again , ended up having to make a new Baby quilt and do a couple other things. next is replacing some skirts of the cloggers dresses that had faded terrible , hope I can make them look just as good !

 Made this for Sarah , still need to finish the quilting and binding, Sarah's favorite animal is horses
Chloe's is done except binding. Chloe's favorite animal is Giraffe's
 Bradley's needs to be quilted & binding.
 Bradley's favorite thing to do is go fishing!
Waylon's needs the same.
Waylon's Favorite is old car's and trucks


Your comments are much appreciated.I would love to know your thoughts ,Thank You.