Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blue Denim and Lace

       Two years ago I was working part time with my sister and was in the process of buying new furniture for the Living room. I had already picked out what I wanted and was waiting to have enough money to pay down on it when I found out I was getting laid off .........so there went the new couch ,chair and end tables ,kitchen table & chairs .    
 I was tired of the same old look so I went to my shed looked in a tub, found about 8 yards of dark Blue Denim ....... Idea!!!! Do I dare to use it on the couch , I said to myself well why not and just add a crocheted lace cover for the back .So here is the results !
Below is close -up of crocheted table cover
  The white pillows match perfect I tried to clean them to no avail ,they were given to me by Robin Franklin last year.So far the kids have stayed off it .:-)

Below.... well this chair is one of  4  that came with the table that was here when we moved in, they were in terrible condition, so I went back to the shed and looked in another tub and found some more blue denim, but lighter and covered the chair seats for now till I can afford new ones.

   I had a huge box full of left over batting that a friend left here for me , it is really thick ,so I used some for the seats to replace what is missing from the chair.
Below is the results of that.

          I know the chairs should be thrown out but sometimes you have to do what you have to do until something else comes along. I am one to try to solve a problem even if it is a temporary situation.


  1. I love the denim and lace for the couch and the chair seats are perfect!!!!

  2. Love the crocheted tablecloth. If the chair is still good then why not replace the seat? Nothing wrong with that.


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